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August 27, 2014, 6:51 am

Perrineau returns to TV in ‘Wedding Band’

Harold Perrineau, best known for heavyweight roles in "Oz" and "Lost," returns to television in the TBS comedy "Wedding Band," premiering Saturday, Nov. 10 at 10 p.m.

Perrineau, a Screen Actors Guild Award winner, plays "Stevie" in "Wedding Band," a fast-paced farce about "Mother of the Bride," Seattle's top wedding and events band. The series follows four friends – three single, one married, all with day jobs – who escape their daily stress and responsibilities by playing "weekend rock gods."

According to the network, "Wedding Band" centers on the "bromance" between the likable but occasionally reckless young men who can't figure out their own lives. One thing they have figured out however, is that the weddings are "the wildest parties in town." The groupies are bridesmaids, the drinks are free and best of all, there is a paycheck waiting at the end of the night.

On lead vocals is confirmed bachelor Tommy (Brian Austin Green). His best friend Eddie (Peter Cambor) plays lead guitar, while Eddie's brother, a rock-obsessed drummer named Barry (Derek Miller), is devoted to bringing arena-style special effects to neighborhood weddings and bar mitvahs.

Then there is Stevie, the new guy. He is a successful session musician who has played bass on countless recordings by rock giants such as Bon Jovi, AC/DC and ZZ Top, and the walls of his home studio are decorated with gold and platinum records. However, after years of playing in the background, he longs to step into the spotlight in a real band, and Mother of the Bride has a lucrative racket going. With a repertoire that includes "Ain't Gonna Holla Back," "I Will Survive, Hava Nagila and "Hot In Here," the only minor problem is their fierce rivalry with the "big hair band," Armageddon.

Unfortunately, the level of immaturity among the band members is through the roof, and even Eddie, a married father of two who absolutely knows better, allows his friends to get him, and keep him, in hot water.

In the series premiere, Tommy's ex-girlfriend hires Mother of the Bride to play for her wedding, and two obviously aren't quite over each other yet. In the meantime, the guys are working diligently to teach Stevie wedding band etiquette, and it's interesting to see Perrineau, who usually takes heavy dramatic roles, in a comedy. However, the busy actor, trained at Shenandoah Conservatory, clearly has a great time playing Stevie, although it's not much of a challenge.

Weddings, bar mitzvahs and just about any event involving families are indeed rife with opportunities for drama and disaster, so the zany "Wedding Band" should have enough material to sustain itself for many seasons to come.


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