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July 10, 2014, 11:21 am

Oprah to interview Cissy Houston

As the one-year anniversary of Whitney Houston's sudden death approaches, Oprah Winfrey sits down with Cissy Houston on the next episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," airing at 10 p.m., Jan. 28 on OWN. Winfrey joins the veteran vocalist in her New Jersey home for her first in-depth, one-on-one interview since her daughter's untimely passing.

According to the network, the superstar's mother talks about raising a daughter whose voice became a national treasure, teaching Whitney about the music business and her biggest regrets. Winfrey also talks to Cissy about when and what she knew about Whitney's drug use, how she really felt about her daughter's marriage to R&B singer Bobby Brown and the true nature of Whitney's relationship with her high school best friend, Robyn Crawford. Later, for the first time since Whitney's death, Oprah talks to her older brother, Michael Houston. In an emotional discussion, Michael reveals the origin of Whitney's drug use.

On Feb. 11 of last year — the eve of the Grammy Awards, Houston, 48, was found dead in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton. The cause of death was determined to be accidental drowning, but heart disease and cocaine use were contributing factors, according to coroner's officials.

In an exclusive 2012 interview with the Philadelphia Tribune, singer Kelly Price described the bittersweet moment that she shared onstage with Houston that night, which turned out to be her very last appearance.  

“[I was] elated, excited, happy to have her there with me," Price recalled. "The whole talk leading up to that night was, 'I'm going to be there! I want to be there for you!' And even earlier that night, before I came to the stage to start the party and begin the show, she just looked me and told me, 'I'm so proud of you and I love you so much!' I wasn't expecting her to take the stage with me. I wouldn't have even asked her to. It just meant a lot that she would show up, because she didn't do a lot of that anyway. If she went, it was because she really either needed to be there because it was work, or she wanted to be there because she cared, and she wanted the person to know that she was there and supported them. That wasn't work for her that night. She came because she wanted to support a friend.

"I wasn't singing. I was talking and thanking her for being there, and thanking her for being a friend, and always being very honest with me, and caring about me as a person. That was the basis of our relationship. She cared about me, the person, outside of the industry, and she decided that she wanted to come to the stage and sing a little bit. In retrospect and in hindsight, I look at it, and for me, it was a gift. I feel like I had the opportunity to share that moment with her, and could have never known that it would have been her last moment. None of us would have known.

But I feel like God gave me a great, great gift, and that I was able to share that. And then, how more appropriate than to share that moment, and sing about God's love? I was very, very grateful."


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