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August 28, 2014, 9:06 am

Phylicia Rashad returns to TV

Esteemed Tony Award winner Phylicia Rashad, best known as Claire Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” returns to television in the NBC psychological drama “Do No Harm,” premiering at 10 p.m. on Jan. 31.

According to the network, Steven Pasquale stars as Dr. Jason Cole, a highly respected neurosurgeon who has it all — a lucrative career, confident charm, the gift of compassion. But he also has a deep, dark secret. One morning when he wakes up disoriented in a wrecked hotel room amidst several near-naked women he’s never seen before, he knows one thing — it’s happening again.

Every night at the same hour, something inside Jason changes., leaving him almost unrecognizable — “seductive, devious, borderline sociopathic.” This new man is his dangerous alternate personality who goes by the name of “Ian Price.” For years he has battled Ian, keeping him in check with a powerful experimental sedative. But now his — their body has developed a resistance to the serum, setting Ian “free” once again.

To make matters worse, after being suppressed for so long, Ian is hell-bent on taking revenge on his oppressor. With everyone Jason cares about at risk — patients, friends, co-workers and even the woman he loves — he’s got to stop Ian once and for all. Will the “alters” find common ground? Or will they destroy each other?

Phylicia Rashad, who won the Tony Award for her performance in “A Raisin in the Sun,” stars as Dr. Vanessa Young, the head of the neurosurgery department.

“Just the man I’m looking for,” she says as Dr. Cole, who has just successfully completed a complicated surgery, steps off the elevator. Ever the charmer, he replies, “I told you, I wouldn’t feel right about dating my boss.” The banter continues with Dr. Young saying, “Would you please! You’re not my type. You’re nice.” “It’s the nice ones you gotta watch out for,” Jason says, his answer an eerie foretaste things to come. With that, in honor of his birthday, Vanessa offers him a set of Diamond Club seats to the evening’s Phillies game that have come across her desk. He tells her that he can’t go, but his boss insists that he have them. After accepting the tickets, the cordial and caring Dr. Cole takes a few steps down the hall and graciously gives them to a maintenance worker. Just a few hours later, “Ian” is out on the street wreaking havoc.

Fast-paced, creepy and unpredictable, “Do No Harm” could be the proverbial ace up NBC’s sleeve. Going head to head with the ABC smash “Scandal,” it will have to be.        


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