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September 2, 2014, 8:00 am

Chi McBride stars in CBS’ ‘Golden Boy’

Veteran actor Chi McBride returns to network television in the CBS crime drama "Golden Boy," premiering with two special previews on Feb. 26 and March 5 at 10 p.m. before moving to its regular Friday, 9 p.m. time period on March 8.

According to the network, "Golden Boy" is a drama about the meteoric rise of Walter William Clark, Jr. (Theo James), an ambitious cop who one day will become the youngest police commissioner in the history of New York City, and the high personal and professional cost he pays to achieve it. After only three years as a beat cop. Clark's heroics on the job make him bold enough to ask for and receive the unheard of promotion to homicide detective, angering some new members of his new department who are eager to see him fail. Clark is partnered with and mentored by experienced Detective Don Owen (Chi McBride), just two years shy of retirement.

Immediately, Clark comes into conflict with First Grade Detective Christian Arroyo (Kevin Alejandro), the "alpha dog" in the squad who's just as ambitious as Clark, but without a moral center. Arroyo's partner is Detective Deborah McKenzie (Bonnie Somerville), a tough third-generation cop and the only female detective in the unit. Also on the team is Detective John Diaco (Holt McCallany), well-connected with tremendous resources which Clark might find useful. Though "laser-focused" on moving up the ladder, Clark's soft-spot is serving as the sole caregiver and supporter of his sister Agnes (Stella Maeve), a young adult demonstrating increasingly dangerous behavior, whom Clark must serve as much a parent as a brother. Keenly observant and politically savvy, the Golden Boy often bases his career decisions on his need to succeed as quickly as possible, and he'll find that his epic journey will be filled with unexpected consequences.

As with many new partnerships, Owen and Clark must work through some initial growing pains. "The relationship between Clark and Owen, there's a lot of conflict there," said McBride. Theo James added, "Although they have this quite fractious relationship, they gain something from each other. Wisdom, I gain from him, whereas I kind of inspire his sense of excitement and his sense of drive."

McBride maintains that "Golden Boy" offers more than just run of the mill crime capers saying, "It really delves into these characters' personal lives, and you see what makes them tick."


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