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August 30, 2014, 8:18 am

Ledisi finds herself with CD ‘Pieces of Me’

With her new CD “Pieces of Me,” Ledisi proves that she is a woman to know. Loaded with emotion and charged with unparalleled soul, this recording adds another dimension to the persona the singer has been sharing with audiences since her explosive entrance on the music scene a few short years ago. She is like a Sharon Jones-meets-Nina Simone and has an amazing voice and an eclectic sense of style. The vocalist has performed twice at the White House under the enthusiastic patronage of the First Lady (who is one of her biggest fans and swears she listens to Ledisi everyday). “Pieces of Me” is a natural progression for the singer — with each song on the CD bursting with love, intimacy and self-assurance.

“Imagine some of the characteristics of Shug Avery from ‘The Color Purple,’” Ledisi says playfully. “She is fiery, expressive, spiritual and uninhibited. Well, I would say this is my Shug Avery-like project,” she adds with her trademark laughter. Anyone who’s seen her dynamic live show or follows her on Twitter knows this lively and clever side of the singer, and “Pieces of Me” delivers all that and more.

“This project is more layered,” says Ledisi. “All of the songs reveal aspects of the confident woman I am becoming. It’s a discovery of another side of me.”

Following her last two critically acclaimed releases — 2007’s breakthrough hit “Lost and Found,” which was nominated for two Grammy awards including Best New Artist, and 2009’s rock & funk, attention-stealing “Turn Me Loose,” which also garnered two Grammy nods and a No. 1 debut position on the Billboard R&B chart — “Pieces of Me” is a portrait of an artist possessing an involuntary penchant for growth. Delivered by an unmatched voice in its exquisite prime, this CD marks Ledisi’s shining moment.

“What I love about (my new CD) is that there is a happy medium between the old school and the new school where everyone can enjoy it in one household, so it’s really cool,” said the singer. “I love the response from my female fans, but I’m surprised at my male fans’ response as well. The album is more vocal and open and sensual, so it’s doing something right. That’s the part: to please everyone. I love that the songwriting also has resonated with people.”

The title track is an introspective look at a woman discovering her unique offerings to the world. Co-written by Ledisi and in-demand songwriter Claude Kelly (Fantasia, Carrie Underwood), she sings “Like every woman I know/I’m complicated for sure/But when I love/I love till there’s no love no more.” “That’s what a woman does,” she states. “That is power and strength. It’s okay to celebrate being a woman.”

Demonstrating that she can be just as confident as she is loving, Ledisi flips the script on “Hate Me,” a bluesy, juke-joint-worthy track, singing “I know it’s hard to understand/Sometimes a woman wanna act like a man/And when it feels like I’m running things/I know you ‘bout to lose your mind.” “There is great honesty in this song. There are some independent women out there who don’t need permission to be themselves. Writing this song helped me to be okay with the more dominant side of myself.”

For Ledisi, it was a long journey to that “a-ha” moment. Born in New Orleans and raised in Oakland, Calif., where she says she developed ambition, drive and an appreciation for opera, gospel and R&B, Ledisi struggled for years. After constant rejection from recording companies, she and a partner formed their own label on which they released two independent albums, both of which gained national attention, resulting in her 2007 major label deal with Verve. Pieces of Me is a culmination of the challenges she’s experienced and lessons she’s learned.

“Before I started working on this album, I had to figure out what I wanted to offer, not only musically, but also spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. That meant I had to finally embrace the totality of me. Now, I see the greatness in me and that I have much to offer to this world.”

Many of the songs on this album are evidence of this new attitude, including the barefaced “Shut Up,” produced by Mike City (Bilal, Kelly Price). “I wrote this while driving in L.A., listening to the track which I’d had for two months. Someone cut me off on the freeway and I was irate. For some reason, I started thinking about what I wish I could have said to all of the people who said I was never going to succeed by being me. Now, I have a song for all of the naysayers.”

Claude Kelly also lent his platinum pen to two other cuts, including the celebratory “Bravo” — which finds Ledisi declaring her new outlook on life — and “Shine,” a celebratory ode to relationships. “It took me and a whole bunch of people to find that medium, and I just know that I’m in the middle so I want to display that middle on audio,” said Ledisi. “It’s just great to have songs that celebrate you, celebrate life and relate to people. And I've studied a lot of the greats — you have to study in order to find that medium, and it's a lot of hard work put into it. I’m inspired by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Beatles, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan — the list goes on and on. Abby Lincoln was a wonderful writer. Nina Simone was incredible. People love songs that relate to them; that is feels like, ‘Oh, she wrote this for me.’ And I love that — and it helps people understand other people.

It is clear who Ledisi has become: a complex and colorful woman who is open, self-assured, creative, unafraid and, most of all, inspirational. “Pieces of Me”defines this moment in her life. “Recording this album was my therapy. Every aspect of it is who I am. But, not all of me, just ‘Pieces of Me.’”

After the highest charting release of her career, “Pieces of Me,” which debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard Top 200 chart and was the No. 1 iTunes R&B Album, four-time Grammy-nominated Ledisi is headlining her first tour and will be performing at Temple Performing Arts Center on October 22. Fans can keep up-to-date with Ledisi’s tour schedule and ticket purchase info on her official website, or


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