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August 21, 2014, 7:57 pm

Engagement of Tiya L. Mclver, Hiram Will Mega Ashantee

Congratulations to Tiya L. McIver, 37, and Hiram Will Mega Ashantee, 39, known to most as “Will Mega” on their recent engagement.

Tiya works as a real estate professional and Will is the dean of students at Walter D. Palmer Charter High School. He is also a political activist.

Tiya holds a master’s degree in organizational dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania and Will earned a master of human services degree from Lincoln University. The loving couple first met as students at West Catholic High School 22 years ago when the school became co-ed. The year was 1990. Tiya was an auspicious sophomore and Will was a senior and varsity basketball captain.

Tiya and Will crossed paths again in 2004 and exchanged pleasantries and a few flirtatious winks. They were so focused on their career pursuits that they lost contact after a few brief telephone conversations.

Their interest was rekindled after a chance encounter while Will was on the campaign trail running for state representative. Will recalls, “I walked into the nail salon in a sea full of women and our eyes connected. We smiled and greeted one another. I asked Tiya three questions. Her answers confirmed the energy I felt. She took weeks to return my calls and text messages, but once she did, our conversations only affirmed my feelings. We agreed to go on a date. Our first date was at Flare, a restaurant located in the Art Museum area, where Tiya arrived over one and a half hours late, but I patiently waited.”

Patience is a virtue, and the energy between this couple was so terrific that it led up to this very special proposal shared by Tiya.

“Will woke me up at 1:45 a.m. claiming he wasn’t feeling well. He asked me to make him some tea. When I went into the kitchen, he began to sing along with Prince’s edgy love-professing song, ‘Kiss’ as it played in the backdrop on the Bose surround sound unit. We danced, and he dipped me, kissed me and pulled out a beautiful diamond ring, and posed the question. I cried tears of joy as my head dropped to his chest and I whispered, ‘Yes, I will marry you.’”

Stay tuned for the continuing love story of Will and Tiya!