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September 1, 2014, 7:45 am

The Engagement of Nicole Middleton, David Walker

Love is in the air. Nicole Syretta Middleton and David Terrell Walker are engaged to be married. Both are native Philadelphians and first met as students at Philadelphia's St. Athanasius-Immaculate Conception School. Nicole and David’s educational paths continued to coincide at Cardinal Dougherty High School where they took some classes together and Delaware State University where they matriculated for two years.

Nicole and David went their separate ways for 12 years. Thanks to social networking and Facebook, they reconnected in a positive way. The couple developed a loving relationship and the rest is history.

David’s actual proposal of marriage to Nicole was quite a surprise and also very romantic.

The couple traveled to The Poconos with a few close friends for a brief getaway. Then came the magic moment. David presented Nicole with a beautifully decorated cake that read, “Will You Marry Me?” He then bent down on one knee and asked Nicole if she would be his wife. She was surprised, to say the least, but she did say yes. It was wonderful to have close friends there to share the moment, cheer them on and celebrate with them.

They have been quite busy planning their spring wedding. Nicole and David have set the date for May 4, 2013. The happy twosome will be married at Triumph Baptist Church in Philadelphia. A reception for their many family members and friends is also being planned and is certain to be a joyous occasion.

Nicole continues her work as a patient representative at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and David is employed as a manager at Billows Electric in Philadelphia.

“Their love was meant to be and we believe that this is true love. If we wait on God, He will make our lives complete,” Nicole’s grandmother, Carolyn Brown, reflected.

Congratulations and very best wishes to Nicole and David!