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August 21, 2014, 10:01 am

Philly native on DJ reality show

Philadelphia native Vikter Duplaix has woven global culture, independent thought, fine arts and progressive music into a purely golden lifestyle. The Grammy-nominated singer, producer, DJ and lifestyle event curator is currently co-starring on the BET reality DJ competition series “Smirnoff’s Master of the Mix” and is hard at work on his third studio album, “LOVEmachine,” set for release in 2013. Duplaix, who is also a Philly 360 Ambassador, honed his craft on the streets of Philadelphia along with turntable legends DJs Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money.

“It was something that was in my blood from day one,” said Duplaix from his Venice Beach, Calif., home. “Everything in my life has been associated with music — including my mother being a music teacher. It’s something that doesn’t need a lot of thought from me; it’s a part of what I am and what I do and it will always be that way to some degree: either making it, talking about it or just admiring it, you know. I am very strongly connected to the Black lineage of music creator in this country because of my experience growing up in Philadelphia and being tutored by the legends like Gamble and Huff and DJ Jazzy Jeff and those that were before me. That’s my perspective.”

Duplaix describes himself as a “producer, singer, programmer” and uses drum machines to create basic grooves, and then he collaborates with “other great musicians,” including multi-Grammy-winning songwriter, musician and multi-platinum producer James Poysner. “Most throughout my career I’ve worked with James Poysner, and we have a very great understanding of how to enhance each others creativity.”

Being raised in both Philadelphia and Augusta, Ga., and singing in church choirs, Duplaix has the traditional soul singer’s assessment of the ebb and flow of music tastes. “I ultimately believe it’s got to go back to music that feels good,” notes Duplaix. “We’ve been in a 10-year run where everything sounds good — it’s modern and bright and technology has made it sound better and more clear and have more bass then ever before — but I think that we need to get back to musicianship (and not necessary horn sections and strings like Gamble and Huff), but it still needs to have the humanity in the music so we can connect to it a little better, combined with how modern technology has enhanced the listening experience.”

In mix series called “The Modern Textures Vol. 1,” Duplaix gives a visually rhythmic and melodic experience. The unique Internet radio platform is the first of its kind to automate the process of legally tracking mixed audio, opening access for music fans to legally and easily find, share and enjoy mixtapes, while removing the liability for DJs and advertisers who want to monetize the mixtape on the Web or at live events. The platform allows consumers to search, discover, follow, purchase tracks and stream whole mixes from over 5,000 DJs across any style or genre.

“It’s something that is very progressive because this give you an opportunity to click on what you like and get it at that moment, instead of you scratching your head wondering or forget about it later,” explained Duplaix. “Essentially, it’s about sounds that move you and take you places. This particular mix begins with a deep house music flow then it breaks down into an atmospheric beat generation/mid-tempo futuristic groove. This mix will hopefully give you enough of each song to enjoy the creativity of each track and wet your palette for more.”

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