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August 29, 2014, 4:18 pm

Ignore taunts of ignorant people; just be yourself

Dear Gwendolyn:

Each summer my mother sends me to visit my relatives on the West Coast. My mother also has a brother who lives in New York. Therefore, Mom sends me to visit my uncle there as well.

This is the problem: My cousins in the west constantly make fun of my Southern accent. I hate going there, and my mother insists that I ignore their laughter. I try to explain to her that I feel they are no better than me. I may talk Southern, but I talk correct. Their English is poor-poor-poor. Even when I visit my uncle in New York, he spends precious time drilling me to talk like New Yorkers.


Gwendolyn, what can I do to stop this madness, or should I even be concerned?



Dear Louise:

You can’t stop the madness and yes, you shouldn’t even be concerned. I know your relatives are small-minded, ignorant thinking people. I say so because that is how small-minded people think. Knowledge is not too much to the forefront with them.

Let me tell you this: I recently had a visitor who commented on the notice that the newscasters did not have a Southern accent. I will tell you as I told her: “An accent does not verify one’s personality or character. An individual can sound like an upright person and actually be a serial killer. Think about it. An accent does not validate who you are but only indicates you came from someplace else.” — (NNPA)