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September 2, 2014, 12:46 am

Branding expert releases new mommy book

As an award-winning public relations expert, Karen Taylor Bass has set the standard in for branding and conveying a constant image to the public. Five years ago, Bass encountered a re-brand of her own, and today she and her husband are the proud parents of a blended family of two children.

Having a baby at 40 changed Taylor Bass’ life. While on bed rest for two months she not only penned her first best-selling PR book, “You Want Caviar But Have Money For Chitlins: A Smart PR Guide For Those on a Budget,” she started a brand new mom movement. The former high-powered entertainment industry publicist with clients such as Jill Scott, D’Angelo and Sony Entertainment, decided it was the best time to walk away and reinvent as the “brand” new mommy by launching her blog, “The Brand New Mommy” — a destination dedicated to empowering moms over 30 to renew, redefine and reinvent their personal brand.

“It’s all about three acts of life,” noted Taylor Bass. “I believe when a woman has a child something happens in her body — and a lot of times it happens in three parts; it happens in acts. So, the first act is you have this beautiful precious baby, and you are so in love and processing what to do, but there are no manuals. The second act is the branding: rediscovering or redefining your personal brand post childbirth. And then the third act, which is an act we hope always happens, is bliss. Feeling your best every day, as best as you can every day, because we know as moms not every day we are going to feel well or good. When I was pregnant at 40, I was journaling and I compiled some stories together that became this book. You’re going to get real authentic stories in this book that I hope are going to empower you to be a better brand. And also empower you and let you know that we don’t have to be perfect.”

All mothers are master jugglers, explains Taylor Bass, who is busy daily balancing mommy duties with blogging and media coaching. She is currently preparing for the upcoming release of her second book, “The Brand New Mommy: From Babies to Branding to Bliss (Learn How to Renew Your Life)” (Taylormade Books, $16.95). The book features a foreword written by Scott (her friend and fellow mom), along with authentic “brand” new mom stories from actress Paula Patton, singer Yolanda Adams and countless moms. “My dream is to empower women — especially moms. We are not new to reinvention; however, moms are new to talking openly about their struggles as they reclaim their personal brand while attempting to balance their family, career, and children. I want us strive to put self first and get healthy,” says Taylor Bass.

Karen Taylor Bass will be featured at a book signing and roundtable discussion of Philly favorite moms hosted by WRNB Soulful Sunday’s Dyana Williams at Blues Babe Foundation, located 2233 N. Broad Street, on Nov. 20 from 6:30-8:3 p.m.


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