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September 2, 2014, 8:01 am

Glory found in helping others

Glory Unlimited International Ministries is a non-profit charitable organization that continues to make great spiritual, social, and medical impact ministering to impoverished and disenfranchised youth and families, stateside and abroad. Through generous donations, Glory Unlimited International Ministries’ volunteers are able to minister to needy individuals via quality medical care, medicine, food and clean water, scholarships, counseling, and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Volunteers and donations are sorely needed to continue the ministry's extensive and impactful work abroad.

Glory Unlimited International Ministries, is based in Copperas, Texas, but it also operates locally out of Wilmington, Del. Glory Unlimited International Ministries is a multi-component ministry dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its founder, Dorothy White, is an ordained and licensed Evangelist, and former bank executive.

“Glory Unlimited International Ministries is 15 years old this year, the impetus for starting the ministry was a divine call,” said White. Her original ministry vision was to just preach and teach the Word of God, but the ministry evolved into a truly holistic evangelical outreach initiative.

One of White’s key servant leaders is Dr. Deborah K. Witt, an assistant professor, director of Diversity Leadership Program/URM Recruitment Coordinator, and past director of Thomas Jefferson Medical College’s Jackson Scholars Program in Philadelphia. Dr. Witt graduated from Hahnemann University School of Medicine in 1993, and then completed her residency in Family Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. She is the current chief financial officer and medical director for Glory Unlimited International Ministries.

Witt is a longstanding member of Sharon Baptist Church, in Philadelphia; Witt and White met more than 10 years ago while attending a women’s fellowship held at Sharon. Commenting on her role and mission, Witt said she just wanted to be a helper.

“I wanted to be a servant in any way that evangelist Dorothy White needed, I was there,” she said. “I began to help with managing the collection of money when we would go on tours.” 

Thus began Witt’s inroads into becoming the ministry’s chief financial officer.

Internationally, Glory Unlimited International Ministries tours and serves the extremely impoverished and disenfranchised in Haiti (Port-Au-Prince, Croix-des-Bouquet ), Jamaica (Montego Bay and surrounding communities), Honduras (Tegucigalpa and surrounding communities), Mexico (Acapulco, suburbs and surrounding outlying areas), and Kenya, Africa (Nakaru and Mukunike). 

Because Witt had a medical background, White approached her to convene a volunteer medical team to tour with them to targeted international locations to minister medical services and the Word of God.

“I make sure that the (volunteer) doctors, nurses, (medical) students have all the proper paperwork when they’re serving internationally,” said Witt.

Glory Unlimited International Ministries serves children and adults in dire need, regardless of their religious background.

“The mission of our ministry is to help people, poor people particularly, poor people in the world, to live better lives now and to live forever in Heaven. That’s our mission, it guides everything that we do,” said White. “And so, to live better lives now, we have to address the pressing issues of the most poor people … food, clean water, clothing, the need for knowledge and medical treatment.”

In Kenya, one of the most water-deprived regions in the world, frequently, many villagers have to walk great distances to fetch fresh water. According to White, walking distances of eight miles one way is a reality for those willing to make the trek. So, as a consequence, thousands of people die each year because they elect to drink from the same dirty water that is used to wash their clothes and bathe.

In 2011, Glory Unlimited International Ministries established a fresh water system in a village in Kenya, at a church site, to allow many villagers to receive fresh drinking water, and “the refreshing Living Water” from the Word of God.

During its recent tours to Jamaica, Glory Unlimited International Ministries bestowed a $1,700 scholarship to Enoch Jirot, to assist with his education. The $1,700 scholarship may not seem like much, but it equals more than $88,000 in Jamaican currency.

In Haiti, Glory Unlimited International Ministries is feeding displaced families and victims of recent natural disasters/earthquakes. In collaboration with Notre Dame of Perpetual Rescue, Glory Unlimited International Ministries is working to build a complex to house the orphanage, a school with a connecting playground, a home for missionaries, a medical clinic, and residences for displaced families.

In all of the aforementioned examples, volunteer pastors, ministers and evangelists of Glory Unlimited International Ministries share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the people that receive food, clothing, shelter, scholarships, training, medical care, medicine, etc.  These are just a few examples of the numerous good works that Glory Unlimited International Ministries renders to the needy.  What’s most impressive is that, no one receives a salary in Glory Unlimited International Ministries. All the monies received via donations are invested in rendering ministry services to the needy. All donations are tax deductible and, Glory Unlimited International Ministries is registered with the IRS.

“We want to challenge Christians to participate.  You don’t have to be a Christian volunteer,” said White.  Volunteers just have to have a love to serve people and a respect for the Christian faith.  “We are indeed, our brothers’ keeper,” said White.

According to Witt, she wants potential donors to know that support of Glory Unlimited International Ministries has its benefits.

“When people give, it’s an opportunity for them to be blessed, even though we’re on the front lines ministering to the people,” she said. “God will honor the donors/givers as if they were there on the missions field.”

Glory Unlimited International Ministries will be making a missions trip to Jamaica (Aug. 7-14) to plant its first church, to render medical services and to minister to the needs of many impoverished children and adults.  Volunteers and donations are needed. To volunteer or to make donations, contact Evangelist Dorothy White at Glory Unlimited Ministries, P.O. Box 9523, Wilmington, DE 19809 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Its website is