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September 1, 2014, 1:36 am

Proof that miracles exist: We are here

There’s this thing that happens when you read in the Bible about miracles being performed to the amazement of hundreds and even thousands. Today, I believe most of us would have a hard time dealing with miracles and merely chalk them up to “back-in-the-day” stuff. That was then. This is now. Sure, Christ and his early followers did the unexplainable, the unbelievable; the stuff modern science still can’t figure out. If the truth be told, do you really believe in miracles? Our explanation, our feelings, are rationalized because after all, the Bible is a book of faith and not a book of science. Well, for Christians at least, the truth of miracles is crystallized in whether or not Jesus actually came back from the dead. It is the foundation of our belief. That’s probably why we’re called believers. That is a discussion for another day, even though “miracle” is a perfect term to use for Christ’s life, death and life. It’s this miracle thing that guides my perspective today.

I believe miracles occur every day and everybody is the beneficiary of said miracle(s). You see, I think life itself is a miracle. I forget which supposed great philosopher said, “I think, therefore I am.” And as I’ve stated many times, “I am because he is;” he being God, of course. As I continue to grow in Christ, I humbly appreciate life more and more as a gift, a blessing and less and less as an afterthought of habit. I would dare say a lot of us take life for granted until someone close to us dies, or is threatened with death. Things become very interesting once you accept Christ for who he really is. I can readily admit to anyone who will listen that my appreciation of life is magnified by what it allows you to do. The fact that when I open my eyes on my own existence, I am able to gain a perspective on God’s other creations, including you. I am able to live and breathe and taste and see and hear and think and yes, love also. I am because he is.

God’s everyday miracle is still how much he loves me (and you). That love is why we’re here. Because of it, every now and then I am not so consumed with a habitual view of life. I can start a morning, end a day with a sincere thank-you. I can pray for the blessing of a new day, one that includes the revelation of who God is and who I am to him. And that knowledge lets me pass this way in truth and not ignorance. The age of miracles is still here. The proof — you woke up this morning to a new day in a world you didn’t create. You can think that’s normal if you want to. I choose to believe in miracles, those of the ancient world and the ones that have me writing this to you now. This life thing is an impossibility for me to take for granted.

May God bless and keep you always and give you one of the biggest most powerful miracles of our time, tomorrow.