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August 31, 2014, 2:19 am

Linn happily spreads her Joy of life

Joy Linn, 46, a Rittenhouse Square resident, is a single Black female and a member of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church where the Rev. Alyn Waller is the senior pastor. Linn, a motivational speaker and author, is full of optimism and positive energy.

A gifted writer, Linn has a passion for prose.

“My first book was (entitled) ‘Growing Into Your Purpose, Becoming the New You!’ Basically, that book really dealt with the fact that purpose is not exclusive, it’s really waiting to be acknowledged,” she said.

Linn’s philosophy can be thought provoking.

“From the time we are children, we really know what we want to be, but somehow life beats it out of us,” she said.

Earlier this year, Linn issued a 14 Day Positive Attitude Challenge to her family, friends, and virtual friends on her social network sites. This motivational challenge required the throngs of participants to intentionally embrace a specific-daily positive attitude trait (i.e., peace, courage, maturity, humility, motivation, etc.).

Linn said, “It was a refreshing journey,” and reassures that the experience is still reminding her, “how I can live with Godly intent.”

Linn invites others to take the challenge.

“While journaling some things about myself, I realized that through the process of prayer and self-assessment and reflection, they were keys to me understanding myself better,” she said. “As I began to share [my journaling experience] with other people, they seem to find it valuable as well.” After about a year and a half of journaling, it was then that she had the epiphany, “Maybe my journal should become a book.”

Her next book is entitled, “The Purpose Experiment, Six Simple Steps to Jump-Start Your Purpose.”

She said the book is about, “understanding where you been, where you are, and where you’re headed. So that you can authentically know your calling in life.”

Her second book is scheduled for a late September release date, followed by a book tour to promote it.

“I’m really trying to dare people to live a great life,” she said. “I think that the essence of being in the mission of God is adventurous, and it’s exciting. It really pushes you to live a life that’s amazing.”

Linn, an adjunct professor at Eastern University, conducts workshops and motivational speeches for corporations, non-profit agencies, and universities, but her preferred target audiences are church congregations.

For information about Linn’s blog, 14 Day Challenge, upcoming book, seminars, or speaking engagements, contact her at: