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August 23, 2014, 1:30 am

Rev. Daniels celebrates 25th anniversary

On Sept. 21, Emanuel Institutional Baptist Church celebrated the 25th pastoral anniversary of the Rev. Joseph Daniels. The celebration was hosted at St. Joseph’s Baptist Church Banquet Hall, 5400 Vine St. where the Rev. W. Gregory Fleming is the senior pastor.

“I am Pastor Daniels’ first son in the ministry, and it was 30 years ago that he licensed me into the ministry. And so, we are hosting the banquet tonight as an appreciation to him as our pastor,” said Fleming, who said there are five pastors birthed from Daniels’ ministry.

Fleming said he admires Daniels’ sternness and his firmness.

“He’s a man that doesn’t waver, he preaches and delivers,” said Fleming. “He’s serious about what he does, and he does not come forth to try to make you feel good in what advice he gives. He tries to give advice that’s sound and Biblical.”

The Rev. James S. Hall Jr., senior pastor of Triumph Baptist Church, was the featured keynote preacher of the evening.

“I am elated [about Rev. Daniels’anniversary], because I was with him when he was installed 25 years ago,” said Hall. “And Rev. Daniels has been a friend and brother beloved. Over the years, I have done his revival, and each year we exchange service at Thanksgiving, so the Triumph church and the Emanuel church have a real good relationship.”

Emmanuel Institutional Baptist Church is located at1730 N. 22nd St.