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September 1, 2014, 12:40 pm

We're all trophies in a spiritual fight

How often do you recognize that you’re in a battle every day? For me, sometimes I forget that I am the trophy in the war between God and the devil. It’s just hard for me to believe I could be that popular, or that valuable.

My understanding is that it’s a life-and-death game here and my only weapon is my faith. It’s also a 24/7 conflict, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not as relentless as Satan and I must admit my guard is not always up. On some of my best days, focusing on the Word is next to impossible and I’m sure that’s when the devil is on top of his game. This is when being a trophy comes into play. On other days, when I’m “in my right mind” and on top of my game, I understand the devil wants to embarrass, humiliate and like a scorned lover, hurt the Lord. What better way to do that than to steal, degrade, ruin something that God loves… me. In your case that would be you.

It’s hard to think of myself as being that important. It’s hard to consider myself as the pivotal piece in an eternal game of spiritual chess. So I guess without always knowing it, I am vulnerable. Like a child who unknowingly wanders off into a swamp, he or she has no idea of the dangers lurking there any more than you or I really know what awaits us each and every day of our existence. Injury and death are but steps away. That’s how I feel sometimes. To be blunt about it, I’m lost. I know if I’m not diligent and consistent, the devil will take me out and celebrate at the wake. Hence, I know in order to at least be competitive, I must train. But like the weekend athlete, I don’t really want to work that hard. I just want to be left alone. I don’t want to play today. Can you see how that frame of mind can get you killed? Can you see how your reluctance to step foot on the field can spell trouble? Whether you want to or not, like Job, you don’t have a choice.

The Bible is full of references about those who would be seduced, abducted, tricked and persecuted for not being true to the Word of God. God himself expresses frustration at times about those who would willingly forget, or unwillingly choose not to remember who he is and whom they belong to. I’m here to tell you the consequences can be catastrophic. So what’s the answer when you just not feeling it? I humbly submit, get into the Word. What’s the answer to being lost in the world? Again, get into the Word. I’ll let you come up with the particulars of what getting into the Word means. Might I suggest this does require a real sense of understanding about the dangers of being vulnerable? I have found one of my best tools in understanding this is to acknowledge when I’m out of sync, that I’m actually out of sync. At this point I can become deliberate in my efforts to regain my spiritual balance. I’ve found that most people when they are determined, they cannot be distracted. These are qualities you certainly possess and they have been fortified each and every time you know your faith is being tested. Recognition, understanding and discipline come to mind. Together, focused on the Word, they guarantee your victory and eventual humiliation for the devil. Sometimes it just takes the will to win.

May God bless and keep you always.