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July 14, 2014, 8:08 am

Angye Reed helping others with new ministry

Many Christian women suffer silently within abusive marital relationships for a variety of reasons, fear of embarrassment, negative reflection on their spouse’s reputation, and/or negative reflection on their respective church, etc. The recent launch of Angye Reed Ministry (ARM) created a niche virtual ministry to serve and empower Christian women who lack support in their private struggle to deal with unfaithful spouses.

“The purpose of this ministry was built from pain, and betrayal, and low self esteem, and realizing that, through this pain, there has to be more for my life than just living a life of pain, rejection and betrayal and lies,” said Angela “Angye” Reed, a native Philadelphian who is divorced from a Delaware pastor.

“My [ministry] niche is helping women who are on the front line, and that’s any woman whose husband, or soon to be husband,  is on the front line, whether it’s in church, whether it’s outside the doors of the church,” said Reed.

Her live ministry launch took place on Nov. 3 at United Missionary Baptist Church, 25th and Thompson streets.  A capacity crowd of family, friends, ministers, pastors, church elders, wives and ministry First Ladies, came out to support and participate in the ARM launch. The Rev. Chandra Williams, senior pastor of United Missionary Baptist Church, was the event’s keynote speaker/preacher.  Though ARM is currently a virtual ministry, live in-person ministry events are on the horizon for 2013.

“I was married. I’m a person that’s divorced,” said Reed, who added that “infidelity” was one of the major factors that led to her divorce. “I realized, through my pain and my tears, it didn’t happen overnight, but it just took some time to realize that these things will happen in life.”

According to, Baptists experience the highest divorce rate among some major religious groups. Baptists are at 29 percent, followed by Mainline Protestants (25 percent), Mormons (24 percent), Catholics (21 percent) and Lutherans at 21 percent.

Reed wants Christian women who are suffering in unfaithful relationship to know that they can be victorious, that they are truly “overcomers” in Jesus Christ, who has been the core of her strength. Reed believes that people have a choice, “get bitter or get better!” 

According to Reed, some Christian women who are married to unfaithful men in the ministry suffer silently because they are embarrassed. She said the women don’t want people in their personal business, and they don’t feel that they have a trustful confidant to confide in. 

“When there are people in your own congregation, and when there are people who work close to you, when those things unfold, and people begin see what’s really going on — you as the wife, the co-pastor, the mother of the children, the first lady — have a responsibility,” she said. “All infidelity doesn’t have to end in divorce.  It just depends on the two people and where you are.” reports that the Top 10 Reasons for Divorce including infidelity, breakdown in communication, abuse, financial issues, sexuality incompatibility, lack of marital commitment, cultural and religious differences, different expectations on having and raising children, addiction, and different expectations in personal and career issues.

“I just want to let my sisters know that you’re not alone, you don’t have to suffer in silence,” said Reed. “We’re not male bashing. We’re not a gossip circle. We’re about being empowered and being better.”

Prior to serving in Delaware with her ex-husband, Reed served 25 and a half years in many leadership roles under her brother, Bishop Keith W. Reed, Sr., senior pastor of Sharon Baptist Church.

ARM is currently planning upcoming for early 2013, one such ministry event will cater to female cancer survivors.  Reed said she wants males and females to know that, “your past is not your present.”  She added that a person’s painful past doesn’t have to determine their final destiny.

For more information about ARM and its services and events, contact Reed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .