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July 11, 2014, 4:39 am

Young collegian releases debut book

Joshua Hogan has something joyous to celebrate this Christmas holiday season.

Hogan has published his first book of spoken words and poems, entitled: “Words Spoken from Unseen Lips.” A popular Christian spoken word artist and undergrad at West Chester University, he writes under the pseudonym “EnVizible” and has self -ublished his first book, with a second anticipated for 2013.

Introspective, reserved, and serious, Joshua is a handsome young collegian who is very focused. His book title is cathartic, he said that its title "is a play on my pen name EnVizible. EnVizible was kind of birthed out of some of the ways I see myself, or some of the places I don’t see myself. As I grow as a man, more and more of these areas of my life are being revealed, these areas of my personality are being revealed.  And I find that through writing, I find these places. So, my pen name is EnVizible because as I’m writing, I don’t necessarily see certain parts of my personality.”

His impetus for writing the book,” It’s definitely been birthed out of my life experience so far.”  Hogan said he is “an ambitious young man, I kind of want to put together a collection of works of me, while I’m young.”

It took Joshua 10 years to prepare his book which is compiled of choice written works that he began writing while in public school.  Now 20, he’s enjoying the reward of his creative writing.

Recently, EnVizible performed during a spoken word event at West Chester University, a Christian piece that he wrote entitled “Talking to Dad.” At this secular event, the audience gave him a standing ovation for his performance. 

Here’s an excerpt of that poem that appears in his book:

I’m standing here reflecting

Looking at my reflection

I see a man who’s

Desperate and Reckless, Pathetic and Wretched.

But I serve a God who will

Leave us Desperate, turns Reckless into protected,

And the Pathetic and Wretched into the righteous.

So I might just make it after all

Get back up when I fall

Fall in line when I call. 

I’m standing here reflecting.

Looking at my reflection.

I see a man who’s

Desperate and Reckless, Pathetic and Wretched.

But get this,

God crafted me, every nook, cranny, and crevice.

To him I’m precious.

Look again.

Hogan has had a challenging life. He admits to growing up with an abusive biological father, at one point being raised by a single mother. He’s also bi-racial.

“Some of the racial experiences I’ve had  being a young [bi-racial] man - my mom’s white my father is African American - feeling that [racial] tension of being pulled one way or the other, and trying to establish who I am [were difficult challenges during his younger years],” he said.  

"Even some of the music and things I listen to.  I’m the son of a DJ, so I was exposed to KRS1 early, I was exposed to Public Enemy early, you’ll see in the book, there’s a lot of fight the power poems.  And as I got older, you see more storytelling,” revealed in his writing.

As a member of Careview Community Church, 77 South Union Ave. in his hometown of Lansdowne, he serves under the leadership of the Rev. Paul James, senior pastor.  Hogan admits that he draws a lot of inspiration and stability from his faith in Jesus Christ.

“It takes a man to be able to be vulnerable in a situation and to cry and praise the Lord,” he said. “It takes a man to admit that ‘I’m messed up’ but there’s [Jesus Christ who] can forgive me and move me forward.  It takes a man to, you know, to really realize that he can’t do [life] by himself. He needs somebody, people, and accountability around him to really build him up.”

Hogan’s brother, Donovan, his mother Michelle, and his stepfather Rodney Smith, are all members of Careview Community Church.  His family hosted his inaugural book launch and book signing in their spacious home to an overwhelming crowd of family, friends, and church members. 

As a psychology major at West Chester University, “I hope to work with young men in the prison system, I hope to rehabilitate them into normal society,” Hogan said.

Hogan and his girlfriend, Shanequa McNeil, 22, are inseparable. She also attends West Chester University and is a psychology major.

“I plan on going for my doctorate and opening my own practice, and I want to open a shelter for homeless young trouble girls,” she said.

For bookings, or to view video performances of Hogan, or to purchase his book “Words Spoken from Unseen Lips,” go to his exclusive website:  You can also contact him via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .