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September 2, 2014, 3:07 am

Installation service unites church leaders

On Jan. 14, several hundred ministry leaders and a virtual Who’s Who roster of local pastoral leaders gathered at Wayland Temple Baptist Church, 2500 Cecil B. Moore Ave. in North Philadelphia, to celebrate the 2013 Installation Service of Baptist Pastors & Ministers Conference of Philadelphia & Vicinity. The Rev. Robert J. Lovett, Sr. is the senior pastor of Wayland Temple and was the host pastor for the installation service.

The Baptist Pastors and Ministers Conference of Philadelphia & Vicinity was organized to provide peer fellowship for pastors throughout the City of Philadelphia and vicinity.

Several hundred lay leaders, church officers and pastors turned out to bare witness to VIP clergy being installed as executive officers and cabinet members of the 2013 Pastors & Ministers Conference of Philadelphia & Vicinity, those installed included:

  • Rev. Harry Davis, Sr., President
  • Rev. Robert V. Shipman, Sr., First Vice President
  • Bishop Raymond D. Sutton, II, Second Vice President
  • Rev. Dr. Rodney King, Recording Secretary
  • Rev. Johnson Waller, Jr., Assistant Recording Secretary
  • Rev. Darrien A. Brown, Treasurer
  • Rev. Patricia Roane, Financial Secretary
  • Rev. Antonio McAllister, Auditor
  • Rev. Nathaniel R. Walker, Sr., Counselor
  • Rev. John E. Douglas, Statistician
  • Rev. Kristopher Reese, Custodian of Records
  • Rev. Dr. Marsha Woodard, Reporter

The Rev. Albert G. Davis, Pastor-Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, in Ardmore is a former officer of the Baptist Pastors & Ministers Conference of Philadelphia & Vicinity who offered some history about the organization.

“I’m a past President of this Conference,” he said. “Historically, we merged two Conferences together, the Baptist Ministers Conference and the Pastors Conference, two years ago. The Rev. Harry Davis was part of the Baptist Pastors Conference. We took two conferences and merged them into one.  Historically, this [organization] is the voice Black community.”

The Rev. Joseph E. Daniels, Pastor-Emanuel Institutional Baptist Church, 1730 N. 22nd St. was an exuberant attendee.

“I’m here because I am supportive of the conference and of the incoming president [Rev. Harry Davis, Sr.],” he said. “And during the Conference, I’m one of the featured teachers that delivers the Sunday School lesson every week.”

“Tonight, we are installing our new officers in the Baptist ministers and pastors conference. Pastor Harry Davis takes over as the president for this year.  My role is to be one of the Presiding Worship Leaders in the service tonight.  So, I’m looking forward to participating and supporting him,” said the Rev. Scott C. Dorsey, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Holmsburg.

“[Davis] has been a strong supporter of all the presidents throughout our history, and now it is our time to support him,” said Dorsey.  “My role tonight is to lead in the installation part of the service.”

A few of the numerous ministry leaders and lay leaders in attendance included: Clara Copeland, trustee-Greater Enon Missionary Baptist Church; Mrs. Pruden Harvey, vice president-Ministers Wives and Widows Ministry of the Pennsylvania Baptist State Convention; the Rev. Dr. Malcolm T. Byrd, Director-Faith Based Initiatives/Mayor’s Office-City of Philadelphia; the Rev. Dr. James Hall, Pastor-Triumph Baptist Church and the Rev. Dr. Wendell Mapson, Jr., Pastor-Monumental Baptist Church.

The former presidents (living and deceased) of the Missionary Baptist Pastors & Baptist Ministers Conferences are:  the Rev. Claude Ashe; the Rev. Anthony Floyd; the Rev. Clarence Green; the Rev. James Christmas, Sr.; Dr. James S. Hall, Jr.; the Rev. Ronald King Hill; the Rev. W. Gregory Fleming; Dr. William J. Shaw; the Rev. Joseph C. Fuller Jr.; the Rev. J. W. Witherspoon; Dr. Arthur R. White; the Rev. Guy Campbell, Jr., Dr. James S. Allen, Sr.; the Rev. James Moore, Sr.; the Rev. Albert G. Davis, Jr.; the Rev. Larry Marcus; the Rev. Harry E. Bronson; Dr. Wendell Mapson, Jr. and the Rev. Harry Moore, Sr. It should be noted that Hall served as president of both conferences.  

Some of the scheduled speakers for the evening included the Rev. Dr. Damone B. Jones, Sr., Bible Way Baptist Church & Moderator-Pennsylvania Eastern Keystone Baptist Association; the Rev. Dr. Terrence Griffith, President-Black Clergy of Philadelphia & Pastor-First African Baptist Church; and the Rev. William B. Moore, Pastor-Tenth Memorial Baptist Church & Board Chairman-Foreign Mission Board, National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. 

The keynote preacher that delivered the evening’s sermon was the Rev. Harry Davis, Sr., Pastor-Christian Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church & President-Baptist Pastors & Ministers Conference of Philadelphia & Vicinity.

Former Presidents of the Baptist Pastors and Ministers Conference of Philadelphia & Vicinity include:  the Rev. Nathaniel R. Walker, Sr. (2011) and Dr. G. Daniel Jones (2012).

Reflecting on Davis’ leadership as the incoming president, Dorsey said, “He’s humble, he’s a servant of the Lord, and he works very hard in supporting everybody – he’s a guy that has supported everybody fairly and equally.”