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August 20, 2014, 10:31 am

More than 1,000 attend library job fair

If the turnout during Wednesday’s workforce entry-level job fair at the Central Library is any indication, there is no shortage of able-bodied Philadelphians looking for a decent job.

To help these job-seekers in their search, the Citizens Bank Foundation donated a $20,000 grant to underwrite the annual job fair.

“The Free Library of Philadelphia is absolutely committed to ensuring a bright economic future for all Philadelphians, and the workforce job fair is an incredible resource for job-searching community members,” said Siobhan A. Reardon, president and director of the Free Library of Philadelphia. “Not only can they network and meet potential employers, they can learn how to prepare themselves for every aspect of the search.

“Every year, the Free Library helps thousands of people get jobs through the comprehensive services we have in each of our library locations.”

Reardon expects more than 1,000 people to obtain employment through Wednesday’s fair alone.

Citizens Bank representative Henri Moore and Kevin Dow, the city’s deputy director of commerce, joined Reardon for the announcement, made amidst the din of a hundred or so job seekers in the lobby of the library.

There are actually two annual workshops – the one completed on Wednesday, and another one set for the fall in the Northeast Branch. These workforce job fairs include free online job search, resume critiquing clinic, and workshop. Team Clean, Inc., Unique Advantage, LLC, Community College of Philadelphia, Walgreens, SEPTA, Watermark at Logan Square, the Philadelphia Police Department, Holy redeemer Health System, Citizens Bank and Constellation Energy are just a few of the regional businesses and service providers that participate and make hires at the job fairs.

Although admittance to the annual job fairs are free, one has to either call 215-686-5436, visit the central library in person or click over to to register for the upcoming fair in the Northeast.

“Without [the library and Citizens bank Foundation] coming together, we wouldn’t be able to create a world-class economic environment in the city of Philadelphia,” said Dow, a moment before Moore presented the $20,000 check. “I’d like to thank the library for creating the workforce job fair program, and I hope everybody takes advantage of it.”

The Citizens Bank Foundation has long been a supporter of various community initiatives throughout the city, having recently donated funds to the African American Museum in Philadelphia, along with prime sponsorship of its $50,000 TruFit Good Citizens Scholarship program, which will benefit college students who volunteer in their respective communities.

“Since 2008, we’ve had people come in seeking assistance, people who typically didn’t have good job search skills or know how to access resources,” Reardon said. “Now they can get that one-on-one connectivity, and it’s in a place that they know and feel comfortable in.”


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