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August 22, 2014, 5:47 am

Project H.O.M.E. gives veterans confidence for productivity

Project H.O.M.E.’s Veteran’s Training and Employment Program has been such a huge success, its primary benefactors have kicked in another six-figure grant to keep the program going.

PECO and the Exelon Foundation — the two primary sponsors of the program — on Tuesday May 15 issued a $250,000 grant to the non-profit organization during the ceremonies for the 2012 graduates, the second class to graduate from the program.

This grant will allow seven more formerly homeless veterans to enroll in the nine-month program, which will teach the students various real-world work skills; according to a release from Project H.O.M.E., the program is designed for “veterans to develop new skills, rediscover hidden talents and set new goals for a life of independence, productivity and contribution to family and community.”

During their training, the veterans will also have access to paid employment opportunities during their training.

“The Project H.O.M.E.–PECO Veterans Program showed me that I could do other things. It helped me build up my computer skills, and I learned how to better interact with people,” said 2011 graduate Dennis Saunders, in a statement released by Project H.O.M.E. “I challenged myself to learn new things, and it helped me to increase my confidence in myself and my abilities.”

Project H.O.M.E.’s mission is to end homelessness and poverty by rooting out their causes. Co-founded in 1989 by Joan Dawson McConnon and Sister Mary Scullion, the non-profit has either supported or sponsored a wide array of movements and demonstrations while fighting certain legislative rulings.

What started as a wintertime emergency shelter has grown into an organization that uses a roll-up-the-sleeves model: it has helped locate and secure 535 units of affordable housing for homeless or at-risk individuals and families, runs a free clinic and operates the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Lab — a state-of-the art educational venue, which houses an independent K–5 school.


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