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September 1, 2014, 7:45 am

Imhotep program celebrates ‘sheros’

The Imhotep Institute Charter High School located at 6100 N 21st St., has made strides to uplift young girls and help create mentorship relationships.

After celebrating Women’s History Month last month with the schools’ first annual “Sisters of Choice Celebration” students and staff have implemented foundations to carry on these relationships for the future.

The Imhotep Institute Charter High School, founded by M. Christine Wiggins or “Mama Chris,” was founded on principles of an African-centered education focused on science, math and technology.

The school has made recent efforts to encourage women to take an adolescent girl under their wing.

The “Sisters of Choice Celebration” held last month, involved students celebrating a positive female role model in their life.

“The purpose was to help young sister see the ‘shero’s’ around them and to know that they are not alone,” said Anneshia Lyttle, activity coordinator and facilitator of the event. “Also to let elder sisters know they are a influence in someone’s life—we had a packed house of over a hundred sisters.”

Both students and female teachers chose the women who were honored. They were selected based on their efforts to support and positively influence a young girl’s life. Since the event, the honorees and students made commitments to maintain their relationships.

The event kicked off with readings of poems, monologues and dance performances. After PowerPoint presentations, pastries and tea and discussions on books made to empower women, students from Lyttle’s class presented the passage “Do it Anyway,” which they credited to Mother Theresa.

With approximately 70 students present and 73 honorees, the honorees ranged from authors, nurses, doctors and entrepreneurs.

The event not only celebrated women who they deem as impactful, but it provided a networking opportunity for the teenage girls to meet successful women in careers of their interest.

“A plethora of networking opportunities was present in the room which allowed the younger sisters to bear witness to future possibilities,” Lyttle said. “On the flip side the younger sisters offered a view of positive hope for the elder sisters that attended the affair.”

The event has since encouraged female students of the charter school to seek positive female role models and to maintain those relationships.

It also kicked off relationships for the teenage girls who did not believe they had positive female role models.

The event last month was just the start for future plans of continuing the “Sisters of Choice Celebration” event and building positive relationships for teenage girls.

“A great outcome of that event was that sisters were able to build relationships with professional women,” Lyttle said.