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August 29, 2014, 8:08 am

Author visits weekly ‘girl talk’

The first Friday of every month, The Weave Bar, at 5622 Germantown Ave., hosts events for ladies to engage in “girl talk.”

This past Friday, Kevin Carr author of “If All Men Are Dogs Then Women You Hold the Leash: How Far We Go Depends on You,” was the special guest.

The Weave Bar, a chain of hair salons with another location at 444 South 52nd St., specializes in affordable hair weaving and extension services. Carr was invited to share passages, themes and overall messages from his book.

“It was kind of like girl talk—but I was there, too,” Carr said.

Ladies joined at the salon last Friday to hear first-hand what Carr felt women should pay attention to in relationships.

Kiarra Solomon, columnist at The Philadelphia Sunday Sun, hosted and moderated the event.

“I decided to bring Kevin out — I think it’s really empowering and something women should hear,” she said.

Solomon asked Carr questions about his book and thoughts on relationships in a question and answer style in front of the crowd.

One topic mentioned in his book that Solomon felt is plaguing a lot of relationships, is having sex with “no strings attached.”

“That topic is very important because women go into relationships where the guy is very clear about what he wants,” she said. “He is adamant about only wanting to have sex with her and she goes into thinking it may grow into a relationship — this may be a common issue with a lot of women.”

Carr addressed the “no strings attached” issue and found that most of the women at the event agreed it would be difficult to maintain a purely physical relationship — with the exception of a few women.

The event kicked off with Solomon asking women to air out their frustrations with men in relationships. As conversation began rolling, Carr shared his thoughts on how women should set their standards in relationships and make it clear to men what it is they want.

Along with the Q & A, Solomon read excerpts from Carr’s book and the women were able to ask Carr questions they had on their relationships.

Carr felt the event was successful and it was a good opportunity to connect with women who had relationship concerns and to relay his messages from his book.  

“Everything worked out well, we even talked about how men approach them,” he said. “I stressed to set your standards from the beginning — no matter what men are doing, all that matters really is the standards you set.”