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August 30, 2014, 2:19 am

Healthcare entrepreneur looks to next challenge

Registered nursing supervisor Jocelyn Mayo is taking her health-care aid company Pampering Plus to the next level.

Mayo, who grew up in Mount Airy and West Oak Lane, was among those who received her MBA from Eastern University on Saturday. Now, the Northwest Philadelphia native feels she finally has all the pieces of the puzzles to do just that.

Pampering Plus is located in Jenkintown. It opened its doors to nearby Mount Airy, West Oak Lane, Cheltenham and Abington in 2004.

Despite having a thriving business, Mayo decided to challenge herself by returning to school. In less than two years she has completed her business degree. The establishment has since become Medicare certified. It accepts most insurance plans and has contracts with various agencies in Philadelphia and the nearby suburbs.

“I actually started back to school in September of 2010,” said Mayo, a graduate of Frankford Hospital School of Nursing and Allegheny College where she earned her Bachelor of Nursing. “I really enjoyed the program especially since I already own a business. I feel that now I am truly more prepared to grow my business because now I have the financial base that I really need.

“My thesis was working on a business plan,” she added. “I know this sounds like I did it backwards because before this I really didn’t know how to do one. I always had help doing financial reports. Now, however, I really understand how to do projections and I have a little more understanding of the technology beyond using QuickBooks,” Mayo said.

In fact, Mayo found that being an entrepreneur turned out to be an asset in the classroom. Rather than learning about her subjects in abstract, she was immediately able to apply what she learned to her business.

“Things are really going well despite the fact that when I decided to open this business I had no models or mentors,” said Mayo, who received the Madam C. J. Walker Award from the National Coalition of 100 Black Women in 2009. “I started working in health care as a nurse and I never went to business school or took any business classes.

“We now have about 100 clients and we have about 100 employees over the years as well,” she added. “I am first and foremost a nurse, so quality nursing and care of the patients is still my number one priority.”

For more information about Pampering Plus, call (215) 881-8902 or visit