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August 29, 2014, 6:05 am

Fattah announces grants to non-profits

It’s not every day that $3.4 million is allocated for service grants.

So, it was with much excitement U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, announced that three local non-profit organizations recently received AmeriCorps grants. City Year, Inc. received more than $2.9 million, the Philadelphia AIDS Consortium receives $374,070 and the University of Pennsylvania AmeriCorps received more than $50,000.

Fattah was quick to point out that among the 255 AmeriCorps positions with City Year will be members who will tutor and mentor 6th to 12th-grade students at Germantown High School and neighboring schools. Since Fattah’s district includes most of Northwest Philadelphia, this was good news for the section of the city.

Yet Fattah insisted this grant would benefit even those beyond the Second Congressional District.

“These grants ill continue high impact interventions for our students, getting them on the right track to graduating from high school,” he said. “They will provide critical services to educate and empower HIV positive Philadelphians to reduce the impact of the disease. I am a longtime supporter of national service, and am committed to the enduring benefit gained by volunteers, service recipients and our community as a whole.”

These grants are the result of the 2012 AmeriCorps state and national funding competition. They advance the priorities of the Edward M. Kennedy Save America Act and the Corporation for National and Community Service Strategic Plan. These grants will support programs that focus on education and health and provide opportunities for more than 600 AmeriCorps members to engage in this work.

AmeriCorps programs engage more than 80,000 people in intensive results-driven service through more than 14,000 nonprofits across the country.

In exchange for 1,700 hours of service, members can earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of up to $5,500 to help pay for college or pay back student loans.

Among other accomplishments, AmeriCorps members last year mobilized 3.4 million community volunteers and tutored, mentored or served more than 3.5 million youths.