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September 2, 2014, 12:55 am

Germantown residents enjoy Faith Community United Health Fair

Jasmin Smith, of Germantown, recently enjoyed the Faith Community United Health Fair in her neighborhood Saturday in Vernon Park at Germantown and Chelten avenues.

Smith followed the drill team until she wound up for an unexpected day-long adventure of health lectures, entertainment, and revelry for the children she brought along.

Lara Gonzales, also of Germantown, was among those listening to Debra Jones of Teen Challenge share her testimony from the stage. She had her nieces, Yasmine and Jovella, with her.

“This has been a day of inspiration and I’ve learned so much,” she said. “I feel like I was in church, at the spa and a children’s playground, with the fire trucks here — so it was awesome.”

“When you are healthier you are able to give a better witness,” said Jones from the Germantown Avenue stage.

Those visiting the array of neighborhood vendors or registering to vote at a nearby table could hear Jones’ resonating voice.

“During these times it is important to stay healthy,” she said. “When you do stay healthy even if you are oppressed, you are more emotionally stable. So I invite all you, whether or not you are a person of faith, to become a believer. We need to make a call to a healthier Germantown.”

Brother Saadiq is the co-chair of Faith United Germantown.

He said the Saturday event was the fifth one the group has sponsored. Yet he stressed that with the stellar weather and the consistent turnout, it was the best.

“I don’t believe in stressing the negatives in our community,” Saadiq said. “I believe you can turn a negative into a positive with positive action. When you have something like this on a beautiful day it is sending a message to Germantown. We are saying we are making this into a healthy place.”

Freeman Hildegarde is the one fellow organizers called “the brainchild” of the event.

“This is the best event we’ve had with the Wesley Norton Jazz Quartet, the drill team that brought people from Pathmark to here, and the zumba demonstration,” she said. “You could not ask for me.”