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August 21, 2014, 12:01 pm

Queen Afua headlines Heal Thyself Garden Party

Germantown’s Brenda Jamison knows first-hand about the benefits of holistic healing. After trying many medications and visiting numerous physicians her hypertension could not be stabilized. It was only after addressing her diet, exercise regimen and hormonal imbalances through herbs that she now has normal blood pressure.

Jamison recently joined many Northwest Philadelphians in attending the annual Heal Thyself Garden Party.

Though the event has relocated to West Philadelphia, it still drew many residents from Mount Airy, West Oak Lane, Germantown, and East Falls.

“I told so many of my neighbors, family and friends about this, so Northwest Philadelphia is here in full force,” Jamison said.

On hand once again was a familiar face to Northwest Philadelphians, best-selling author Queen Afua. The CEO of the Queen Afua Wellness Institute in New York was a headliner at the 2010 “Grow a Little Love!” event at the Seva Retreat House at Elkins Estate.

Her appearance came on the heels of her European book tour promoting her book “Overcoming an Angry Vagina: Journey to Womb Wellness.”

Queen Afua returned to tell about how emotional hurts from the past and negative feelings towards men can result in a wide range of female-related health problems from menstrual cramps and fibroids to the need for hysterectomies and miscarriages.

“So many women underestimate the role and power of their wombs as they try their utmost to fit into a stress-ladened lifestyle that undervalues their roles as women,” she said.

“In fact I think it safe to say that most women forget that they have been blessed with the enormous capacity to not only love unconditionally but also co-create life itself,” she said.