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August 30, 2014, 6:19 pm

Prayer group willing to work for peace

International Peace Day was celebrated by the World Changers through Prayer in an East Mount Airy home last Friday.

The group combined this with their monthly meeting where they pray for President Barack Obama.

The September meeting had the group adding many other prayers to bring about peace and securing for the Northwest Philadelphia and Lower Montgomery County communities where they live as well as the city, state and nation.

Group organizer Verileah Teets of Horsham was quick to point out that September’s prayers of peace embraced many issues. Among them are unemployment, underemployment and education.

“We are really concerned about the president’s jobs initiative passing and the financial programs for tax justice because we feel this will bring about peace,” Teets said.

Martha Bernardino concurred. 

She said social justice issues are integral to work done to achieve world peace. She was quick to point out that laws regarding capital punishment needed to be amended so that executions like that of Troy Davis would never happen again. Living in the South during the height of the time when African-American men were being lynched was a time of unrest, she said.

“We have to send prayers out for social and economic justice as well as just laws that are (adhered) to,” Bernardino said. “In order to have peace for the health of our people and all people we have to pray and work towards that goal. I see so many religious groups like the Mormons building one of the city’s biggest churches up there in the Northeast trying to get Blacks to join, but what we need is to move forward.”

Deacon McCallister said that he believes that the route to peace is not only re-electing President Obama for another four years, but also to keep the grassroots momentum going that put the president in office in 2008. 

“We have to all work together cohesively if we are going to bring about this kind of peace,” he said.

Yet the group vowed to do more than just pray about the issue. Each shared how they were going to get involved in the “Get Out the Vote” effort in the upcoming election in November as well as the presidential race in 2012.

They all committed to volunteering for candidates they felt were about bringing about peace through economic and social justice.

“That’s why we are praying and then taking action to insure that we defeat racism, bigotry, greed, strife and immorality in America,” Teets said.