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August 21, 2014, 2:00 pm

Exercise is a major part of a healthy lifestyle

We’ve had a big discussion going on at the office about grapefruit. I want to know if pink grapefruit has more nutritional value than white grapefruit.



While pink and white grapefruit have the same number of calories, pink grapefruit has more than 40 times the beta carotene. Beta carotene converts to vitamin A. Pink grapefruit sometimes costs more, but the extra beta carotene makes it worth it. There are less expensive ways of getting beta carotene. It’s found in carrots, sweet potatoes and kale. You can buy beta carotene or vitamin A supplements, but you don’t get the fiber that vegetables supply.

Jogging miles

I want to increase the number of miles I’m jogging. How should I increase my workout gradually?


Pleasantville, N.J.

If you increase the number of miles you’re jogging or your training intensity too fast, you could cause bone stress fractures and muscle tears. Increasing the amount of exercise you do can be beneficial, but only if you do it gradually. When jogging, add an eighth of a mile a week. If you started with a mile, in two months you’ll be jogging three miles without injury. If you’re lifting weights, add five pounds at a time every other week. In two months you will have increased your lifts by 20 pounds. If you don’t increase your training gradually, you will increase your risk of injury. This goes for the advanced exerciser also.

Eating on the run

We all get busy and often have no choice but to eat on the run. Are there any good choices I can make?



We talk about healthy foods all the time, but we indulge in an occasional pizza or steak hoagie or soft-baked chocolate chip cookies. Granted, these should not be part of your everyday diet, but when you do indulge, try to make them as harmless as possible.

For example, order pizza with green peppers and onions instead of pepperoni and sausage, and have only one or two slices. Skip macaroni salad, coleslaw, croutons, bacon bits, and fried noodles on your salad. Go heavy on the vegetables and easy on the dressing.

Remove breading from fried foods; it soaks up most of the grease. Use nonfat milk in tea or coffee instead of cream and avoid high-fat desserts. You should treat yourself now and then, but when you do, share your dessert, and about the chocolate chip cookies, only buy one or two at a time once in a while.

And don’t forget to exercise, exercise, exercise.

Eating out

I have to eat out a lot and I’m beginning to gain weight. How can I avoid getting fat from eating out almost every day?



If you find yourself eating out more than you eat at home and gaining pounds because of it, here are some tips that can help. Many restaurants will take special requests from their customers. You can request that your food be cooked without butter or not sautéed in heavy sauces. Most good restaurants use herbs instead of salt to season foods. If vegetables are not available, have a salad with your meal. Have baked foods as much as possible when you eat out. This doesn’t include desserts. You should also avoid fried foods. If you eat french fries every day, they will end up on your hips or waistline eventually. One of the best tips you should observe when eating out is to eat small, simple meals.

Fat in the midsection

As I’ve gotten older I’ve put on a little fat around my midsection. What can I do to get rid of this problem?”



Men will collect most of their bodyfat around the midsection. Excess bodyfat concentrated around the midsection poses a tremendous risk of heart disease. To eliminate this problem, you should design a diet that will include 60 to 70 percent complex carbohydrates, 20 to 30 percent protein and no more than 10 percent fat. You don’t have to try to get fat in, it’ll find its way in. Divide your eating into six small meals. Start your day with fruit. Eat as much as you like. By midmorning, you may want some whole-wheat toast, oatmeal or corn grits. For lunch, have a protein, such as beans, chicken, fish or turkey with a non-starchy vegetable such as stringbeans or broccoli. For the remainder of the day, alternate vegetable meals with either a protein or a starchy food like pasta or potatoes.

Before starting your fitness program, consult your physician.


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