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August 30, 2014, 4:17 am

Edwin M. Stanton publishes books authored by students

Pencils glided across blank white papers to sketch pictures and write the ideas of sixth-graders Alex Fernandez, Ayanna Williams and Ailisha Goodwin Dancy. Quietly, these students of Edwin M. Stanton School were crafting their own literary books soon to be published with poems and short stories authored by themselves.

“I like that fact that we get to make up our own stories. We don’t have to follow any guidelines,” Williams said.

Dancy has dedicated her book to her 9-month-old sister. She also is involved in a poetry club.

“I wrote a play called ‘The Cats and the Mom.’ It was kind of weird. It was something like Shakespeare. I tried flipping it to see what the mom would feel to be the cat and the cat would be the mom. They go on an adventure, and both characters have a new perspectives of how they live,” Dancy said.

Fernandez wrote a story about a boy who was the only person able to see an enchanted forest that appeared across the street from his house. Titled “The Great Adventure: A young child’s dream that came true,” Fernandez used descriptive adjectives in his story. He said he enjoys writing more than creating the illustrations.

“I get to sculpt what I want the story to be about in words,” Fernandez said.

Instead of writing stories, seventh-grade students in room 303 read the story, “Antaeus” which had a similar theme to the Greek mythological character. As they turned to page 470 in their literature books, teacher Courtney Hines asked the class to define the word illusion.

All of the students enjoyed reading, including Dhamir Murray.

“I like reading because I like to learn different stories and it teaches me when I read stuff about myself,” Murray said.