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August 30, 2014, 8:21 pm

District expands space in high-quality schools

There’s good news for parents who want their children to go to a high-performing Philadelphia School District school. There will be a major expansion in 19 district-managed stellar schools, adding 2,272 seats. According to the Tuesday, April 17 announcement, this means that more local students will be able to be admitted to these schools during the 2012–2013 academic year.

This announcement represents one of a set of steps the school district has taken to continue to increase the number of students in high-quality schools. Consequently, there will be 1,802 additional seats in 11 high schools. There will also be 470 more seats available in six elementary schools as well as in two middle schools.

Earlier this year the school district announced that four schools had been selected for the Renaissance Schools match process. This would shift approximately 3,000 more seats to high-performing turnaround teams. The school district will continue to invest in the growth of these schools while closing or restructuring low-performing schools, according to the April 17 announcement.

Of the 11 high schools, nine are special admissions schools. Two are citywide admissions. The high schools will follow their regular admission criteria to select and enroll new students.

The additional elementary school seats will be made available through the school district’s “No Child Left Behind” school choice program. This initiative gives parents of children attending schools in a school improvement status the option to apply to transfer their children to a school that has not been identified as needing improvement.

For more information about the expansion program call (215) 400-4000. The schools are listed online at