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August 23, 2014, 7:23 am

Greenfield students learn practical lessons

At Albert M Greenfield School, students are learning more than reading, writing and arithmetic. They are also learning about electricity and magnets, how to solve math problems and how to write stories — lessons that show how their education relates to everyday life.

“What makes this school so different is all of the different things we get to learn while we’re here,” said fourth-grader Skai Reynolds. “The teachers make sure we get better in all of our subjects and they are willing to help when we don’t understand something. They make learning fun and that’s what I like most about the school.”

For fourth-grader James Siegel, math and science are two subjects that he is learning the most from so far this year.

“My favorite subject is math, so anything that has to do with math I’m all for it,” said Siegel. “I like working on exponents, factors, and solving problems. Science is cool too. Right now, we are learning how electricity and magnets works. I’m really enjoying that because everything is very hands on.”

Students at Greenfield have quality equipment to help enhance their learning while at school. The school has computer access in every classroom, two computer labs, two science labs, reading and research time in a state-of-the-art library, a thriving Mentally Gifted Program, a spirited athletic program, instrumental music instruction and a school-wide commitment to the arts.

“One of the many things that I like doing at the school is art,” said fourth-grader Lola Hodgins. “I like to use oil pastels. I do use at school and also at home. Art is something I want to continue to do and grow in. I want to learn how to sketch with pencil without writing that hard. That’s a personal goal for myself.”

Some of the extracurricular activities at the school include Scrabble Club, Homework Club, Science Club, Health Club, Art Club, Yoga Club, Spanish Club, String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Newspaper, Yearbook, American Girl Club, Business Club, Student Council, Learning Club, Safety Patrol, Sports Club, Kickball, Chess Club, and Math 24 Club.

“There are so many programs here,” said fourth-grader Emma April. “It’s really nice to be at a school that can provide different things for us to do. You can never get bored while you’re here. The teachers make learning fun and the school makes sure we are involved with everything. I’m excited to be a part of a school like this.”

In addition to academics, Greenfield is also known for its collaborations with local arts and cultural organizations, businesses and associations, to urban explorations and service projects in the community.

Some of the school’s community partnerships include American Red Cross, Drexel University who Provides Middle School Nutrition Program, Asthma Bus/Jefferson Hospital, ARKEMA, Philadelphia Water Department, the Wood Turing Center, Environmental Protection Agency, Bartram's Garden, Science Leadership Academy, and the Moore College of Art.

On Oct. 26 the fourth-graders at Greenfield will be involved with a program called Soaring Words. The kids will be partnered up with 25 volunteers from BNY Mellon Bank, to decorate quilts and pillows for kids who are terminally ill at Children’s Hospital. The quilts and pillows will have inspirational messages on them.

“We just want all of our students to get the best out of their education,” said Principal Dan Lazar. “We provide our kids with an opportunity to really look at the world around them. Having them do something like this will help make someone else’s day brighter as well as learn about the world around them.

“Our school is in the community, so we always make sure that we give our students the best education by giving them quality education at school and life lessons learned through projects like this.”

Fourth-grader Tiberio Caricchio thinks what sets Greenfield a part from other schools is all the different opportunities it offers.

“We are getting so many experiences at this school,” said Caricchio. “We’re not just learning at school, but we are also learning about the world. Everything is hands-on and everything that we learn connects with what happens in everyday life, which makes going here a life lesson. I’m learning about myself and learning things at school. This school will help me become a better student and person.”