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July 10, 2014, 2:57 am

Meehan pushes students to excellence

Walk into Sheryl Barreto's eighth-grade social studies class and see students hands raised and discussing various topics in history including the Civil War, Battle of Gettysburg, and the role African-American soldiers played. As Berreto writes the answers on the board, students continue to talk about their thoughts on the lesson and how what happend in history then has impacted the country today.

“This class is one of my favorite classes; I really like learning about History,” said eighth-grader Thomas Mars. “The teacher really gives us various activities to really understand what we are learning. With this class, we don’t do an overview of historical events, we really learn everything that took place during that time period. The lessons are very detailed. I’m looking forward to what we will be learning next.”

With the motto “Anchored in Excellence,” Meehan continues to prepare students for the next phase of their academic career - high school. A two-year program, students who attend Meehan perform at high levels and are prepared academically and receive the ultimate learning experience through various programs.

“Meehan is a really good school,” said eighth-grader Heather Hanson. “The teachers do a really good job of helping us excel academically. If we need help with something, they are willing to help. The just don’t prepare us for school, but also for life. They incorporate life lessons into our school lessons everday. I couldn’t have gone to a better school.”

For eighth-grader Erica Graham, going to Meehan wasn’t as big of an adjustment that she thought it would be. This is Graham’s first year at the school.

“I was a little hesitant to come here because I wasn’t sure want to expect, but I’m glad that I did,” Graham said. “The teachers are really nice and do a good job of helping us succeed academically. The atmosphere is great and the school offer’s a lot of different programs. I think this school has helped prepare all of us for the next level. I’m really enjoying my school experience at Meehan.”

In addition to the core curriculum, Meehan offers its students a wide range of different programs including computers, robotics, chess, student council, and a art and music program.

“The school does a really good job of offering us different opportunities,” said eighth-grader Leslie Ayala. “Because of the different programs the school has, it really gives us a chance to find out what we like to do. I personally like the art and music program. I play the cello in orchestra. When it comes to art, it’s a good way for me to express myself. I think that everyone has a creative side of them and in art I get to display mines. I’m really into the arts; it’s a really good program. I really like everything this school has to offer.”

The school also has various sports programs including basketball, soccer, baseball, and track field.

Eighth-grader Nassir Coleman takes full advantage of his experience at Meehan.

“My experience at the school has been good,” Coleman said. “When I came here I wanted to make sure that I took full advantage of my expeience while I was here. I do that, by participating in sports at the school. I play basketball. I also use to run track, but I had to stop. For other students who are looking to go here you won’t be disappointed. It’s a good school and it will help you grow personally and academically.”

Eighth-grader Maxwell Pena also participates in the sports program at Meehan. He plays soccer.

“There are so many programs and activities to do at this school that it would really be hard to find something you don’t enjoy doing,” Pena said. “Something that I like doing at the school is playing soccer. It’s a really fun sport to play, competitive, and it keeps me active. Meehan is a good school. It’s really up to us to take full advantage of everything the school has to offer. If students do participate in the programs at the school, they won’t be disappointed.”

The community and parents at Meehan also play a vital role with the school. Parents of the school are involved with home and school, school advisory council, and after-school and classroom volunteering.

“Meehan is the ultimate learning experience,” said eighth-grader Beverly Nwani. “We’re constantly learning, whether it’s in the classroom or through the programs the school has. We all want to succeed academically, but this school has helped all of grow personally. Because of Meehan, we will all be ready to enter high school. We will be able to embrace our full high school academic experience, because of the things we learned at this school. This school has helped prepare us for our future, and that is a lesson that none of us will ever forget.”