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August 30, 2014, 10:19 pm

Univ. City pitcher Morel named MVP

Brandy Morel, University City High pitcher, certainly knows how to get the ball over the plate. Morel had a magnificent season posting a 4-1 record with 77 strikeouts and just 14 walks in 40 innings. He also finished with a 2.48 ERA. These numbers were enough to earn him All-Public League honors from the league coaches as well as being named Most Valuable Player in the league’s D Division.

“I feel really good about this,” said Morel, a 5-foot-8 junior. “I feel motivated. It’s been a good experience. I practiced a lot this season. I tried hard to do my best on the field. My best pitch is the fastball.”

Eric Kellick, U-City head baseball coach, has watched Morel develop his baseball talents. Kellick was very impressed with the way he threw the ball this season.

“This is certainly a breakout year for Brandy,” Kellick said. “Last year, we pretty much used him in the infield and not so much pitching. He’s the shortstop when he’s not a pitcher. He really became our No. 1, 2 and 3 pitcher because we really didn’t have many other pitchers. He struck out 19 batters twice this year. In one game, he struck out 19 and had assists in the other two outs. I think his ability to mix up his fastballs and curveballs really kept the batters guessing. So, they really didn’t know what was coming and the accuracy was always there.”

Morel joins the list of great players in the Public League which include other MVPs such as Augusto Ortega (Frankford, A Division), Mike Borelli (Prep Charter, B Division) and Dylan Burke (Lincoln, B Division) and Khalil Coles (Ben Franklin, C Division).


Division A

First Team: Kevin Montero, Frankford, infielder, jr, Brandon Gonzalez, Frankford, infielder, sr; Ricky Alvarez, Frankford, infielder, sr; Harry Taggart, Masterman, infielder, jr; Aderly Perez, Esperanza, infielder, jr; Ralph Ramos, Esperanza, outfield, sr; Mike Cavallaro, Central, outfielder, sr; Jake Wright, Washington, outfielder, jr; Augusto Ortega, Frankford, outfielder, sr; Julien Blancon, Central, catcher, sr; Rafael Cruz, Frankford, pitcher, sr; Nate Vahedi, Masterman, pitcher, sr.

Second Team: Tyler Criniti, GAMP, infielder, sr; Desmond Drummond, GAMP, infielder, sr; George Klein, Franklin Towne, infielder, sr; Gabe Buchanan, Central, infielder, sr; Joey Powell, Masterman, infielder, jr; Josh Fontanez, Edison, outfielder, sr; Corey Sharp, Washington, outfielder, jr; Hector Cerda, Frankford, outfielder, sr; Dean Grande, Washington, catcher, sr; Jake Kurtz, GAMP, pitcher, so; Anthony DeVito, Central, pitcher, so.


Division B

First Team: Mike Borelli, Prep Charter, pitcher/infielder, sr; Pete Piccoli, Prep Charter, pitcher/infielder, jr; Howard Lynn, Northeast, infielder, sr; Daquan Bohannan, Northeast, infielder, jr; Ralph Martinez, Roxborough, pitcher/infielder, sr; Jorge Martinez, Philadelphia Academy, infielder, sr; Dylan Burke, Lincoln, pitcher, jr; Eliantonio Martinez, Fels, pitcher, sr; Ray Guinther, Philadelphia Electric, first base, jr; Derek Gregg, Bok, catcher, sr; Josh Durkin, Swenson, catcher, sr.

Second Team: Robert Freer, Prep Charter, infielder/outfielder, so; Shahir Gates, Northeast, infielder, jr; Frank Legrady, Roxborough, catcher, sr; Travis Zink, Philadelphia Academy, infielder, so; Jairo Bautista, Lincoln, infielder, sr; Michael Moya, Fels, infielder, sr; Danny LaPorte, Philadelphia Electric, infielder, jr; Stephen Ross, Bok, pitcher, sr; Jon Fox, Swenson, pitcher/infielder, sr; Brailyn Vargas, Kensington, catcher, jr; Pedro Perez, Kensington, catcher, jr; Robert Marrero, Bodine, catcher, so; Jordan Velazquez, Bodine, pitcher, jr.


Division C

First Team: Khalil Coles, Ben Franklin, pitcher, jr; Kelvin Sabastro, Bracetti, pitcher/infielder, so; Manny Fernandez, Boys’ Latin, catcher, fr; Shafeeq Coleman, Overbrook, catcher, sr; Tyler Esbensen, Saul, infielder, sr; Scott Ervin, Engineering and Science, first base, jr; Frankie Quiles, Mastbaum, catcher, so; Marshall Drummond, Furness, infielder, fr; Stephen King, Southern, infielder, sr; Khary Redmond, Germantown, pitcher/infielder, sr; Emmanuel Young, Ben Franklin, outfielder, jr; Tyler Calvittki, Saul, pitcher, sr.

Second Team: Bryan Davenport, Ben Franklin, infielder, sr; Jorge Quinones, Bracetti, pitcher/infielder, jr; Antonio Harris, Boys’ Latin, pitcher, so; Brandon Himes, Overbrook, infielder, so; ken Shanklin, Saul, infielder, sr; Dougie Williams, Engineering and Science, pitcher/outfielder, sr; Jose Santos, Mastbaum, pitcher/infielder, so; Marques DeLeon, Southern, infielder, sr; Devon Smith, Germantown, catcher/infielder, sr; Nizar Ray, Dobbins, catcher/outfielder, jr; Chris Sullivan, Ben Franklin, catcher, sr; Jahlil Gregg, Boys’ Latin, infielder, so.


Division D

First Team: Charles Wright, Delaware Valley, pitcher, jr; Jelahn Williams, Delaware Valley, infielder, jr; Demetrius Green, Delaware Valley, catcher, jr; Melvin Green, Delaware Valley, outfielder, sr; Jahmeer Faulcon, Bartram, pitcher/infielder, sr; Tajai Ahmad, Bartram, catcher, sr; Aaron Jackson, MLK, infielder, sr; Randolph Edwards, MLK, pitcher, so; Brandy Morel, University City, pitcher, jr; Justo Rodriguez, Randolph, pitcher/infielder, jr; Leon Bynum, Lamberton, pitcher/infielder, sr; Jordan Bynum, Lamberton, catcher, sr.

Second Team: Vernon Holt, Strawberry Manson, infielder, sr; Rainiel Bravo, Delaware Valley, infielder, fr; Ian Dennis, Delaware Valley, infielder, jr; Isaiah Gregory, MLK, infielder, fr; Marcus Lyles, University City, infielder, sr; Andrel Walker, Randolph, pitcher/infielder, jr; Terrance Langford, Lamberton, infielder, sr; Andrew Stewart, Freire Charter, pitcher/infielder, Albert Espinal, MLK, infielder, jr; Aishay Small, Delaware Valley, infielder, sr; Ikeis Bradley, Freire Charter, fr; Malik Crawford, Randolph, infielder, jr.


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