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September 2, 2014, 3:21 am

Maclin works with students, preps for ATL

This is a huge week for wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and the Philadelphia Eagles as they prepare to host the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. Maclin took some time out of his busy schedule to spend a day with a group of students from grades 9-to-12 at Ben Franklin High School.

Maclin and Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord came to Ben Franklin to teach the students about financial literacy, a state wide effort to improve money management skills of high school and middle school students.

The students received a free educational video game and classroom curriculum called Financial Football, which was developed by Visa Inc. They got a chance to play the game with Maclin and McCord, both served as coaches for two groups of students. Maclin’s team had the Eagles, McCord’s the Falcons. The game asked students questions about money. Correct answers moved the football team closer to scoring a touchdown. Wrong answers resulted in a loss of yardage and a big play for the defense.

In the end the Eagles defeated the Falcons, 8-0. For Maclin and his teammates, hopefully that will be a good omen for Sunday. The questions were tough, but it was a learning experience for everybody.

“It was cool to give these kids a lesson on financial planning,” Maclin said. “I also had fun at the same time. It means a lot any time I can do something like that or give back. It’s kind of how I want to do it. I was impressed. There were a couple of questions that I didn’t even know.”

McCord believes money management should begin at a young age. He was pleased to have Maclin involved with the program.

“The earlier we can get to people with the idea of learning this stuff is not that hard,” McCord said. “It’s really important. It’s knowledge you can use. It’s something we’re trying to engage people with and when they realize how easy it is via something that feels like a Madden football game, they get engaged and see the sense of humor behind it. They’re able to mock some of the choices. They were curious and Jeremy Maclin was just phenomenal.”

Maclin had a phenomenal game in a losing effort to the Detroit Lions right before the bye week. He had six receptions for 130 yards including a 70-yard TD pass from Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Maclin’s reception gave the Eagles a 23-13 lead with 5:18 left in the game. But the Eagles squandered the 10-point lead and dropped a 26-23 decision to the Lions in overtime.

The Eagles (3-3) will clash with the undefeated Falcons (6-0) in the biggest game of the season. Maclin had a good time helping kids learn about financial planning, but he knows the Eagles will have to be on the money against Atlanta.

“We’re looking forward to it,” said Maclin, who has 20 catches for 295 yards and three touchdowns. “We’re trying to get back on track. We’re sitting 3-3 and fortunately for us a lot of teams are sitting around the same point. So, we got to get back to work and go out there and do our job. Everybody does their job we’ll be in good shape.

“I’ve had some successful games against Atlanta. Two of my best games have come against Atlanta the last couple years. I’m looking forward to it. At the end of the day, it’s the Eagles vs. the Falcons.”  


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