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August 21, 2014, 6:06 am

All-Public League players announced

The All-Public League teams selected by the coaches feature some great all-around players. The selections were broken down by classifications. The league had some outstanding teams like Frankford, Imhotep Charter, Bok, Simon Gratz and George Washington, among others.

Albie Crosby, Imhotep Charter head coach, was named coach of the year. Five players received Most Valuable Player honors. They were Tim DiGiorgio (Frankford), David Williams (Imhotep Charter), Khaaliq Shuler (Furness), Antoine Whitney (Bok) and Vittorio Goggins (Bok).

AAAA Gold Division

Offense: Sadeek Robinson, Northeast, lineman, sr; Donavin Winckler, Germantown, lineman, sr; Lorenz Compton, Frankford, lineman, sr; Brandon Thornton, Germantown, lineman, sr; Bernard Houston, Northeast, lineman, sr; Tim DiGiorgio, Frankford, quarterback, sr; Damion Samuels, Frankford, running back, sr; Jesse Gillis, Central, running back, sr; Delane Hart, Germantown, wide receiver, jr; Walt Pegues, Central, wide receiver, jr; Shaquon Allen, George Washington, wide receiver, sr; Jake Wright, George Washington, kicker, sr; Jamiel Hines, Fels, specialist, sr.

Defense: Justin Moody, George Washington, end, sr; Sharif Miller, Frankford, end, so; Dezhaunte White, Fels, end, sr; Kadar Jones, Frankford, tackle, jr; Joseph Shepherd, Central, nose guard, sr; David Pulliam, Northeast, linebacker, sr; Marquise Poston, Frankford, linebacker, jr; Shimeek Carter, Northeast, defensive back, sr; Rene Villafane, George Washington, defensive back, sr; Marquis Edwards, George Washington, sr; Hakeen Ellis, Central, specialist, sr.

AAAA Silver Division

Offense: Cody Kettyle, Lincoln, lineman, jr; Avery Butler, Southern, lineman, sr; Abraham Toussaint, Furness, lineman, jr; Vincent Caramanna, Furness, lineman, jr; Jeromy Reichner, Furness, lineman, so; Clarence Thomas, Edison, lineman, so; Joseph walker, Mastbaum, quarterback, jr; Wayne Brunson, Southern, running back, sr; Kharee Ruley, Furness, running back, so; Khalil Walker, Lincoln, wide receiver, sr; Zaire Shoemaker, Olney, wide receiver, jr; Kamau Taylor, Mastbaum, tight end, jr.

Defense: John Lewis, Lincoln, lineman, sr; Kevin Hart, Mastbaum, lineman, jr; Khalil Lewis, Southern, lineman, jr; Mike Wilson, Furness, linebacker, sr; Kaelin Burke, Lincoln, linebacker, sr; Tyrell Gross, Olney, linebacker, sr; Eric Johnson, Southern, linebacker, sr; TJ Thompson, Southern, linebacker, sr; Ahharan Barksdale, Mastbaum, defensive back, Giovanni Johnson, Lincoln, defensive back, sr; Kadir Chisholm, Olney, defensive back, so; Khaaliq Shuler, Furness, defensive back, jr.

AAA Division

Antoine Whitney, Bok, split end/defensive back, sr; Michael Riley, Bok, quarterback/defensive back, sr; Vittorio Goggins, Bok, fullback/defensive back, sr; Terrell Miles, Bok, fullback/defensive lineman, jr; Mark Webb, Bo, guard/defensive tackle, jr; Dimontre Powell, Bok, guard/linebacker, jr; Daqwan Freeman, Simon Gratz, running back/linebacker, jr; Scott Ervin, Simon Gratz, center, sr; Saeed Sheard, Simon Gratz, defensive end, sr; Nydair Rouse, Simon Gratz, wide receiver/defensive back, jr; Davone Cornish, Simon Grtaz, quarterback, sr; Cornelius Middleton, Simon Gratz, running back/linebacker, sr; Eric Lark, Boys’ Latin, quarterback/linebacker, sr; Ben Coulibaly, Boys’Latin, running back/linebacker, sr; Tahir Perlote, Boys’ Latin, wide receiver, sr; Dave Peterson, Boys’ Latin, wide receiver/linebacker, sr; Mark Bowser, Boys’ Latin, defensive lineman, jr; James Johnson, Mastery North, quarterback, sr; Christopher Batts, Mastery North, fullback/linebacker, sr; Marquise Meachum, Mastery North, linebacker, sr; Jermaine Norris, Mastery North, wide receiver/defensive back, jr; Reginald Nelson, Mastery North, tight end/defensive end, jr; Marice Tillman, Overbrook, running back/linebacker, sr; Devin Rodriquez, Overbrook, defensive back, sr; Khalil Johnson, Overbrook, lineman, sr; Khasmere Blakney, Overbrook, lineman, sr; Rashaun Wade, West Philadelphia, tight end/defensive back, sr; Ricardo Streams, West Philadelphia, quarterback, sr; Quaseem Brown, West Philadelphia, defensive back, sr; Julius Hester, West Philadelphia, linebacker, sr; Kareem Jefferson, Dobbins, lineman/nose guard, Nizar Ray, Dobbins, running back/linebacker, Mike Jones, Dobbins, running back/defensive back, sr; Michael Edwards, Ben Franklin, quarterback, sr; Emmanuel Young, Ben Franklin, wide receiver/defensive back, sr; Tyreik Coaxum, Ben Franklin, running back/defensive back, sr; Elijah Clark, Ben Franklin, running back/linebacker, sr; Shareef Parker, Bartram, lineman/defensive lineman, sr; Aaron Carter, Martin Luther King, wide receiver, sr; Khaleel Stewart, Martin Luther King, defensive back, sr.

AA Division

Offense: Keenan Ervin, Roxborough, lineman, jr; Herron McBride, Communications Tech, lineman, sr; Charles Anderson, Prep Charter, lineman, so; Gordon Thomas, Imhotep Charter, lineman, jr; Aaron Ruff, Imhotep Charter, lineman, jr; Isaiah King, Roxborough, quarterback, jr; David Williams, Imhotep Charter, running back, sr; Eerin Young, Imhotep Charter, running back, sr; Tawaun Vickers, running back, School of the Future, sr; Rasheed Cade, Delaware Valley, wide receiver, sr; Nate Barnes, Delaware Valley, wide receiver, sr.

Defense: Diquan Gilbert, Communications Tech, lineman, sr; Davon Wise, University City, lineman, sr; Faheem Williams, Prep Charter, lineman, sr; Tyrone Barge, Imhotep Charter, lineman, jr; Bernard Godwin, Communications Tech, linebacker, sr; Will Turner, Delaware Valley, linebacker, sr; Brandon Chatmon, Imhotep Charter, linebacker, sr; Shabazz Rivers, Delaware Valley, linebacker, sr; DeAndre Scott, Imhotep Charter, defensive back, jr; Eddie Thomas, Prep Charter, defensive back, sr; Asa Manley, Prep Charter, defensive back, so; Najee Goode, Imhotep Charter, defensive back, sr.

Athletes: Quahdire Gordon, University City, sr; Anthony Wyche, Prep Charter, sr; Qaadir James, School of the Future, sr.


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